Customer Desktop Training


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MiTeam Meetings



MiVoice 6970 Conference Phone

MiVoice 6970 Conference Phone for SIP




Mitel MiVoice 6900 Series IP Phones




Mitel 6800 Series SIP Phones

Mitel SIP-DECT Single Cell (112)


MiVoice Business Console

Mitel InAttend


MiVoice Office 400
Hospitality Console
Using the Mitel 6873

Mitel 5550 IP Console



Mitel 5540 IP Console

Legacy Training

Mitel MiVoice 5300 Series IP Phones

MiVoice Office 250 IP Phones

MiVoice Conference Video Phone

Applications/ Applikationen



MiCollab Desktop Client
(MiCollab 9.0, English)



MiCollab Desktop Client
(MiCollab 8.0)

MiCollab Client (Legacy Client)

MiCollab MiTeam Collaboration



MiCollab Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

NuPoint Unified Messaging

Cloud-specific Applications / Applications spécifiques pour

le Cloud / Cloud-spezifische Anwendungen

Business Analytics